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WIP - Comparative Periodical Review Tips

WIP Students: See links below for the PowerPoint that we went over in the library on how to find international periodicals, as well as the blank Comparative Periodical Review template.


1. Type into the template below. Do not hand-write your assignment (except for the article annotations).

2. Print and annotate your two articles BEFORE filling out the template! Your responses in the template are based on your article annotating, so don't skip this step. Plus, the article annotations are 20% of your assignment grade! 

3. Summaries in the template must be 100% in your own words, no quotations. You can use short quotations in the Comparison section at the bottom of the template, however (for example, to talk about the words that the author chose to use).

4. If you are uncertain whether an article "counts" for this assignment, ask your English teacher. If you need help finding an article, ask Ms. McAuley in the library.