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Service Learning Forms

Which Verification Form Do I Choose?

                 This year you have two different forms to select from. If your service event encompasses more than one day, choose the continuous record. If your service event is just a one-time, one-day event, choose the regular service learning verification form. Keeping a record of every time you volunteer allows maximum accuracy.
                  If the supervisor prefers to sign them in one day, contact Mr Lewis in Rm 225 about your personal situation. If there are any discrepancies or wrong choices in the form, the form and hours will not be accepted and students will be asked to either fill out the form again or redo the hours.

How Do I Fill Out the Service Learning Form?

         The First form is basically the same with a few differences. Here we will only discuss the new aspects of the form. Any other questions regarding the form can be directed to Mr.Lewis in Rm 225. 

  1. Graduation Year - It is accompanied by Grade because many people put down the current year. It is the year YOU graduate.
  2. Date- Must be single time event to use this form. Otherwise, switch to the new Continuous Record
  3. Category - Inserted for recording purposes. Choose one of the three categories on the left hand side that your event falls under and record the number. 
  4. Contribution - This box is for you to write down what you did and all the actions that you were involved in during the project. 
  5. Impact - This year we want to know what difference you made and how your service affected someone. The point of service learning is to understand the effect individuals have in their communities. Please note your impact is different from contribution.   

 Make sure that ALL PORTIONS are completed before your supervisor fills out the "verification box". 

How Do I Fill Out the Service Learning Continuous Record?

          This is the very first year that we are having a Service Learning continuous form. The purpose of this form is to take all the hours that you have worked on in a long period of time, and keep them on a single form. Here is how to fill out the Service Learning Continuous Record: 

  1. Fill out all information about the service just like a regular service learning verification form. 
  2. Keep a running record of the dates and write down a sentence about the progress you are making. 
  3. Don't forgot to get a Supervisor's signature every time so that it is official. If problems occur, please talk to Mr.Lewis in Rm 225.