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Change Project Resources

  • Composting and food sustainability: EPA page

    from the Environmental Protection Agency. Click on the blue hyperlinks on this page.

  • Earth Team

    Earth Team is an organization that connects students, teachers and youth oriented groups in order to address the environmental needs of the Bay Area.  Within the website there are several links to youth environmental organizations, with local chapters, throughout the region such as Global Youth Action Network, Student Conservation Association,Teen Environmental Action Mentorship Program (TEAM) and many others. 

  • Environmental Literacy

    Very comprehensive resource for students with a full range of topics on the environment.

  • Finding A Service: Hands On Bay Area

     A local group that organizes volunteers in the Bay Area for over 120 direct-service projects a month!

  • Greenbelt Alliance

     The Greenbelt Alliance deals with land conservation in the Bay Area.  The website contains current articles from local newspapers as well as information on upcoming events, how to volunteer in your Bay Area county and an interesting lands at risk map. Good current info.

  • Math Science Nucleus

    Math Science Nucleus is an awesome local nonprofit whose goal is to help kids learn to solve real-world problems through science. They manage a variety of local projects, including:

    Children's Natural History Museum (CNHM)
    Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon
    California Nursery Historical Park
    Fremont Earthquake Exhibit
    Dana Raimondi Math Program

    They work with Change students every year, and they've even made a page for the Change Project on their website!

  • National Geographic

    For research about the environment. Make sure it's a local issue though, since this source covers the whole world.

  • California Environmental Technology Education Network

    "We are a grass roots and in the trenches group of secondary school teachers and post secondary instructors, providing training and experiences to secondary students to use technological tools to solve environmental problems, and teach employment skills for an ever dynamic economy"

  • Opposing Viewpoints

    This is a really helpful database about controversial issues. You need a library card to access. Check the "Energy and Environmentalism" section! :)

  • Popular Science magazine

    This science magazine is so cool; it offers all 140-years' worth of its articles for free online!

  • Science

    Highly reputable science magazine. For research about the environment. Make sure it's a local issue though, since this source covers the whole world.

  • Science Daily

    Current events in science. Make sure you choose a LOCAL problem.

  • Science Worldwide

    This free database has high-quality scientific research, but since most of it is for professional scientists, sometimes it can be hard to read. Remember not to use any information you don't understand in your paper!


    This database of government-funded science research is a good tool, but at a very high reading level, written for scientists. Don't use anything that you don't understand in your paper!

  • Scientific American

    A highly regarded science magazine. Make sure you choose a local problem.

  • Sierra Club--SF Bay Chapter

    The local San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Sierra Club, an environmental group founded in 1892, is one of the most recognized environmental groups in the nation.  The local chapter website offers many resources, from current issues effecting the Bay Area to interesting environmental statistics and access to a wide variety of articles discussing subjects as global warming, renewable energy sources and potential of hybrid vehicles in helping to reduce the emissions from automobiles.  This website is a good resource for exploring many of the environmental issues facing the nation as well as the Bay Area.

  • Tire Recycling: The Green Roads Program

    "The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, also known as CalRecycle, is working to advance its tire waste reduction efforts and promote the use of tire derived products. It is CalRecycle's goal to reduce the amount of tires that occupy California's landfills by putting unwanted tires to use through its "Green Roads" program.
    The "Green Roads" program promotes the use of shredded or ground scrap
    tires in paving and construction projects, keeping old tires out of landfills and away from fields and alleyways. These recycled tires can be used as inexpensive backfill behind retaining walls, or as an asphalt additive with many benefits such as durability, and noise reduction."

  • Water Pollution: Save The Bay

    An organization dedicated to water issues in the Bay Area. Lots of volunteer opportunities!

  • Water Pollution: Surfrider Foundation SF

    Water and beach pollution issues.

    Water Quality of SF Bay