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Physics for Future Presidents: Space

Topics for Space Exploration Group (p.72 to 94 on Physics for Future Presidents) and HASBOT “Is There Life in Space?”

Misconceptions about Gravity

What is Weight vs. Mass?

What is “Weightlessness” (In an falling elevator vs. in orbit)

Strength of Gravity When Distance Increases

How to Launch a Satellite in Orbit

  •  ESOA (a nonprofit organization for satellite operators)

3 Main Satellite Orbits and Their Applications, Geostationary vs. Geosynchronous Satellites

How Does GPS Work?

GRACE Satellites and their Replacements

Manufacturing Objects in Space

Escape Velocity

What is “g”?

X-Prize vs. what other space agencies like NASA do

Energy needed to reach 100km vs. get into orbit


Rocket Science

Other ways to go into space and orbits



Black Holes (What they are and misconceptions about them)


Ways to Detect Planets around other Stars (HASBOT) 

Kepler's New Mission as K2



NASA’s Budget and Its Percentage of Federal Budget/Our Taxes

Compare NASA’s budget to other major federal spending like defense or Social Security/Medicare


Spying with Invisible Light


X-Ray Backscatter


Russia's New Hypersonic Missile


NASA's Other Models for Habitable Zone