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E-Book Collection

Did you know...IHS Library Has E-Books?


You can access them two ways:

1. By visiting our Destiny Discover catalog and reading the book on your web browser

2. From your tablet or device, using the FREE Destiny Discover app


Destiny Discover Catalog: 


1. Library Web Catalog to go into our library web catalog, Destiny Discover.


2. Search for a subject keyword, title, or author.


3. In your results, you will see regular books in the first row, and e-books in the second row. 


4. Once you find an e-book you want, OPEN the e-book, and check it out:


Username: The first part of your FUSD Google account: first three letters of your first name, first three letters of your last name, last 3 digits of your ID number. Do NOT include the "" part.


Password: Your entire ID number 


Example: If student Rosa Parks has the student ID number 876543, this is her login:

Username: rospar543

Password: 876543