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Parent Info Meeting 3/11/2021

Hello FUSD Community and prospective CCA Family members!

A parent info session (open to students as well) has held on March 11th, 2021. The meeting was centered on providing as much information on the Arts Magnet at Irvington High School (and the opportunity it provides to non incoming IHS freshman) and the Center for the Creative Arts, an academic family blends arts integrated curriculum with state standards based content.

It was a great turnout with lots of interested parents of students who learned a lot about the CCA in terms of what we stand for, how we integrate the arts into traditional education, benefits of the CCA Family structure, course offerings, 4 year CCA schedule planning, and at the end we answered many questions from our FUSD community.

For those of you who missed out on the opportunity, here is the link to the ZOOM meeting including the presentation and the Q&A portion:

Password: WS1mDz*5

Additionally I am including the slideshow presentation as well for you:

I hope these resources can help out those who couldn't attend and also help those who were in attendance as well.

If any additional questions come up you can email: