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Covid 19 UPDATE

As a community here in Fremont, we have been working through a global pandemic since March of this year. This has changed ALL of our lives in ways we never expected. Irvington High School, as well as all of FUSD, has had to make numerous adjustments in order to successfully navigate through difficult time. Distance learning has been our response to trials and much like all of IHS, the CCA has had to make our own program changes. Some previous fundraisers, schoolwide activities, field trips, and visual and performing arts integrated projects have had to be put on hold for the 2020-2021 school year. However, our creative teaching staff along with the creativity of the CCA students has us finding NEW ways to foster the artistic spirit within the CCA. We are dedicated to creating new opportunities for our students to grow creatively and to showcase their talents in the classroom and beyond.

We hope that the 2021/22 school year will see our students back in the classroom. We want to provide an environment that allows our students' creative expressions to flourish, an environment where opportunities to share our creative passions are available to the CCA family, and above all an environment where safety of the students and staff are top priority to ensure further arts integrated education.

Having said all of this, we do hope your students' education can get back to the way the Center for the Creative Arts at Irvington High School is familiar with. We hope to integrate some of the new virtual arts education methods into our regular curriculum moving forward. We hope that we can provide your students with community strengthening/building activities, field trips, engaging art showings, food, and fun upon our return and for years to come. If for some reason returning to the campus is not an option, the CCA staff will continue to research and create new content that offers our CCA family comparable creative opportunities.

**For the time being all aspects of our information and application for attending IHS via the arts magnet and enrollment in the CCA are fully digital. The informational materials, the application, presentations for 8th grade students interested in joining the CCA, submissions of artistic evidence/interest, student auditions/interviews, Q and A sessions for parent of interested students, acceptance letters, and registration are all online. Links for these opportunities and processes will be made available via this site and through email either from IHS or from your middle school admin/counseling  staff.

We hope to see you all together in the near future as a CCA family!