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Refer to the to the link below if you are moving, or have already moved residences.  

Refer to the to the link below to withdraw from Irvington High School. Thank you!


2020/2021 Online Enrollment has begun for NEW INCOMING IHS STUDENTS ONLY. Not needed for current Horner, or IHS students as your 2020-2021 school year enrollment and course registration are complete.

***NOTE CURRENT HORNER AND IRVINGTON FAMILIES: DO NOT USE THE ABOVE LINK FOR GENERAL ENROLLMENT QUESTIONS, OR TO CONTACT IHS STAFF. Your 2020-2021 school year enrollment and course registration are complete. Please email your current School Counselor, or Administrator for questions on course selections, or other needs. All non new student enrollment requests will not be responded to.  The Enrollment Request Form is ONLY for new students relocating into the Irvington Attendance Area***

NOTE: The FUSD DOES NOT PRE- ENROLL, or HOLD SPACES for students coming from out-of-state, OR from out-of-country. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The student's parent(s)/guardian(s) may click on the link above to submit an enrollment request when the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) meet the following requirements:

  • Physically live in Fremont, CA.
  • Have established residency in the Irvington High School attendance area (see School Locator link above to enter address).
  • Can provide residency proof documentation (see list below). 

The following documents MUST be provided for enrollment to be completed:

  • ALL of student's Immunization Records (see required Immunization list below)
  • Student's original Birth Certificate, or Current Passport
  • Previous School Transcript and/or Final Report Card Grades
  • Withdrawal paperwork from previous school
  • Fremont, CA Proofs of Residency (see list below)

Proof of Residency List: The following are examples of accepted Proof of Residency documents. Please note that Utility Bills must be dated within the last 30 - 45 days, and must clearly state your address and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) legal names. 2 of the following examples must be submitted  to enroll a student into the Fremont Unified School District. 

  1. Mortgage Statement or Renters/Lease agreement
  2. Property Tax Statement
  3. Utility Bill (PG&E, Water or Garbage) can bring two different company bills for Proofs of Residency
  4. Parent's Pay Stub - not your Taxes or W2 forms
  5. Voter Registration
  6. Government Mail


1) Complete the Enrollment Request via the first link at the top of this webpage. 

2) The Registrar will verify your address is in the Irvington High School (IHS) attendance area and that both the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) are Fremont, CA residents.

3) Upon verification of IHS attendance area residency, the Registrar will send the parent(s)/guardian(s) an invite from the FUSD's safe and secure online file sharing document system - SmartVault

4) The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be invited to create a secure SmartVault Client Portal and Profile to be able to upload the required enrollment documents (see links to downloadable enrollment documents below). 

5) Once the Registrar receives and verifies all required enrollment documents via SmartVault, the student will be enrolled into Irvington High School for the 2020-2021 school year.

6) Next, an email confirmation will be sent with your student's school ID number and also with the grade level Course Selection Form attachment. This form is to be completed by the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) and returned to the Registrar via SmartVault

7) To complete the enrollment, the completed Course Selection Form must be uploaded along with the student's most recent Report Card and/or School Transcript via SmartVault

8) Lastly, the Course Selection Form and the student's Report Card and/or School Transcript will be forwarded to the Administration and Counselor Staff Members for processing. Please note that schedules are created based on grade level, availability of requested courses, and courses that the student is currently enrolled in. Student schedules will NOT be available until Maze Day later this summer. 


For more information or questions, please email Lashaunta Payne.

Lashaunta Payne, Registrar

Enrollment for New Incoming 2020/2021 Students began as of May 4th, 2020. 

Please check this page periodically for Fremont Unified School District updates.