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Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from a comprehensive high school, FUSD students must attain 230 credits and complete additional requirements.


Course Requirements:

5 credits = 1 semester | 10 credits = 1 year


40 credits of English/Language Arts
30 credits of Mathematics
20 credits of Science
10 credits of World Language or Fine Arts or Career Technical Education (CTE)
20 credits of Physical Education
30 credits of Social Studies
  5 credits of Health Education
75 credits of Electives
230 credits TOTAL

Additional Requirements:
- 40 hours of Service Learning credit (10 hours per school year of attendance in a Fremont Unified High School. Any portion of attendance in a school year counts as a year. For 2020-2021: WAIVED AT THIS TIME)
- Successful completion of Algebra 1 (Passing grade both semesters in junior high or high school)
- Other school specific requirements (such as QUEST Project for Irvington High School)