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Staff at Irvington

Most staff e-mail addresses use the first letter of their first name and the entire last name, in all lower case, followed by

Teachers at Irvington
Name Email Phone
H. Albizo 46372 Teacher
E. Ammon   Teacher
S. Anand 46305 Teacher
A. Anaya   Teacher
K. Avon   Teacher
A. Ballado 46351 Teacher
M. Ballin 46129 Theater Arts Director
M. Barrett   Teacher
J. Belmonte   Teacher
K. Berbawy   Teacher
A. Blum   Teacher
M. Bragg   Teacher
S. Brannan   Teacher
K. Buehler   Teacher
C. Buell   Teacher
S. Burton   Teacher
G. Canavero   Teacher
Y. Chang   Teacher
D. Chase   Teacher
K. Cheung   Teacher
Y. Chiu   Teacher
J. Choi   Teacher
A. Chung   Teacher
P. DeNies   Teacher
E. Domingo   Teacher
K. Dotzeva   Teacher
R. Eddings   Teacher
S. Eicher   Teacher
J. Einfeldt   Teacher
C. Faitel   Teacher
S. Fields   Teacher
J. Fraser   Teacher
H. Fung 46385 Teacher
M. Gavin   Teacher
K. Ghaty   Teacher
B. Gonzalez   Teacher
J. Goulet   Teacher
J. Gribben   Teacher
Dr. F. Gurtz-Cayla   Teacher
B. Hagood   Teacher
C. Hallford   Teacher
G. Ip   Teacher
J. Jackson   Teacher
P. Johnson   Teacher
S. Jones   Teacher
D. Kalra (510) 687-6340 ex: 46340 Teacher
S. Kamal   Teacher
M. Kaufman   Teacher
M. Kaur   Teacher
A. Koehler   Teacher
S. Kumar   Teacher
N. Larsen (510) 687-6328 Teacher
A. Lee   Teacher
J. Lee   Teacher
Lehua Lee   Teacher
D. Lehnert   Teacher
K. Lin   Teacher
K. Linton   Teacher
A. Lu   Teacher
M. Luna   Teacher
N. Mangiardi   Teacher
N. Marsella-Jensen   Teacher
Catherine Martinez     Teacher
David Martinez   Teacher
L. Mattingly   Teacher
A. McAuley   Teacher
S. Miller   Teacher
T. Mintey   Teacher
S. Mohandas   Teacher
I. Moyer   Teacher
L. O'Connor lo'   Teacher
J. Olson 46423 Teacher
Y. Ortiz   Teacher
S. Palanichamy   Teacher
H. Pang   Teacher
K. Parker 46364 Teacher
G. Patkar   Teacher
D. Pearce   Teacher
H. Pham   Teacher
R. Qian   Teacher
S. Rallapalli 46508 Teacher
R. Reddy   Teacher
C. Rodda (510) 687-6421 Teacher
M. Rodocker   Teacher
J. Rooney 46322 Teacher
P. Sharma 46334 Teacher
D. Skillings   Teacher
R. Stilwell   Teacher
T. Stilwell 46396 Teacher
S. Strout   Teacher
C. Tai   Teacher
A. Tavşanlı atavşanlı   Teacher
M. Tebow   Teacher
D. Vucurevich   Teacher
R. Willer   Teacher, Activity Director
C. Yi   Teacher
M. Yu   Teacher
M. Zeljak   Teacher
T. Zendejas   Teacher