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Principal's Update

January 31, 2022


I am looking forward to celebrating the lunar new year with the Irvington community in February! A wonderful team of staff, students, parents, and community support providers from Bay Area Community Health (BACH) are planning a live stream celebration on February 17th during advisory. We will be sure to share the link so parents can join in the fun and watch performances by our talented student body.  We will also be sure to post the video, as well as links mentioned during the event, for future reference.  



It is hard to believe that we are already planning for next school year. The process of requesting classes will begin for current juniors on February 7th and conclude for current Irvington students by the end of February. Incoming 9th grade students will have information shared at their current junior high/middle school and registration will be finished by March 13th.  Please look for weekly messages from the admin/counseling team in your Infinite Campus/email inbox regarding timelines for specific grade levels, including the opportunity for families to attend evening online Q & A’s and how to select courses students hope to take next year.  These directions and presentations will be specific to each grade level, so that students can make the best decisions for next year and enable them to choose classes that they will both enjoy and be successful in. Please consider the overall load for your student, including outside commitments such as weekend language/cultural studies, sports, clubs, jobs, etc. as the choices selected this spring drive our hiring and master schedule.  Changing classes next fall is unlikely.


Families interested in applying for the Arts Magnet program can find specific instructions and deadlines on our website on or before February 7th.  8th graders from across the city may apply.


Academic Testing

If you have current juniors or seniors required state testing (CASSPP) will begin mid-March and go through the beginning of April. Juniors will test in the subjects of math and English and seniors will test for science (even if they do not currently have a science class). If your student registered and paid for AP exams this past fall, test administration will begin the first week of May. Details regarding all these dates, times and locations will be shared in the coming weeks.



Students are not allowed to have items dropped off to them during school hours – this includes services like DoorDash and UberEats.  We have seen an uptick of non-IHS drivers in our parking lot and even coming onto campus looking for student customers.  Please help us maintain our campus safety!  Any food deliveries that arrive at school will be turned away.


Students need to have parking permits and may only park in the main student lot.  No parking in the horseshoe or behind the gym, etc.  


Wishing you all a healthy new year!
Nathania Chaney Aiello




January 9, 2022

Happy New Year!  I hope that you have had the opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate.  With luck and precautions, you may have been able to avoid the latest omicron COVID variant but based on the last 28 days positive test percentage in Fremont being 8-9% (, some folks are bound to be infected.  


It is VERY important that students and staff with COVID or possible COVID symptoms DO NOT come to school on Monday, January 10, 2022.


  • All students and staff must continue to complete the student COVID-19 screening or self-check for staff every day before entering campus
  • Face coverings remain mandatory at school facilities/campuses
  • PCR testing for students and staff is available weekly at IHS (Wednesdays in Room 47, 7am-3pm), and available at the District Office every school day 
  • Air purification units in all classrooms and auxiliary rooms
  • Weekly testing for student athletes per ACPH/CDPH guidance
  • Contact tracing and case reporting via FUSD website


Upon any sign or symptom both vaccinated and unvaccinated students should not attend school and should contact their medical professional and/or seek a COVID-19 test.  

Please note there is a difference when reporting symptoms such as a general headache, vs. a migraine (for those persons that have been diagnosed by a healthcare provider).  It is important that if you contact the attendance clerks with a student absence that you are as complete and truthful as possible, so that we can determine if your child is safe to be at school.  Thank you for your understanding as we work together to stay as healthy as possible!


The new guidance provides the following changes: 

ISOLATION (persons who test positive for COVID-19) Students - Regardless of Vaccination Status:

  • Stay home for at least 5 days.
  • Isolation can end after day 5 if symptoms are not present or are resolving AND a diagnostic specimen collected on day 5 or later tests negative.
  • If unable to test, or choosing not to test, and symptoms are not present or resolving isolation can end after day 10.
  • If fever is present, isolation should be continued until fever is resolved.
  • If symptoms, other than fever, are not resolving continue to isolate until symptoms are resolved or until day 10
  • Wear a well-fitting mask around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings. 


As noted above, we expect changes to the current student “quarantine” guidance for close contacts. Until that guidance is provided the existing protocols will remain in place, see the COVID-19 Flowchart and Modified & Shortened Quarantine Protocols for more information. 


Thanks to all our staff, families, and students who came to pick up a testing kit at one of our recent distribution events. As a reminder, those kits are optional, not mandatory, and were intended by the state to supplement existing testing programs in districts. We do ask that people use those kits to test before returning to campus and report results to Most importantly all individuals still need to check for daily signs and symptoms of COVID. FUSD continues to offer PCR testing for students and staff each week at each school site in FUSD, and every school day at the District Office.


FUSD schools and offices will reopen on Monday, January 10, 2022. If you traveled over the winter break, please review these recommendations from the California Department of Public Health.


As a reminder, all students and staff must continue to complete the student COVID-19 screening or self-check for staff every day before entering campus.


All the best, 

Nathania Chaney Aiello

Irvington High School Principal


December 5, 2021

It’s hard to believe, but we are already in the last few weeks of the first semester! Students and staff have done an amazing job transitioning back to in person learning while keeping the Irvington community as safe from COVID transmission as possible. With only 7 reported cases since August 1st, and a school population of 2478, IHS has a 0.28% positive rate, which is far less than the overall rate in Fremont. Go Vikings!


December Calendar

Final exams will be the last three days before Winter Break and students will want to be sure to bring snacks as there will not be time to go off campus between exams.  These days will be both a late start and early release (please see specific schedules below). If you have a 0 or 7th period class or ROP course off campus, please check with your instructor to see if and when they plan on giving a final exam.


First Final          9:30-11:40 am

Break                11:40-12:05 pm (may not leave campus)

Second Final    12:05 - 2:15 pm


Monday, 12/20         3rd & 6th period exams

Tuesday, 12/21         1st & 4th period exams

Wednesday, 12/22   2nd & 5th period exams 

We will not have Flex or Advisory on these Final Exam days.

Please note that while we would like everyone to be here to take their final exams on the designated days and times, if your student has ANY of the symptoms listed on the COVID screener, please keep them home and contact your attendance clerk and teachers to let them know of your absence status.  Follow the protocols listed by the Alameda County Health Department in order to be able to return.  

Also note - if you plan on traveling over Winter Break, please follow the travel guidelines included in Superintendent Cammack’s 12/1/2021 update.


COVID & Flu Vaccine Clinic

The second weekend of vaccine clinics at IHS completed this past weekend.  Both the November and December clinics allowed FUSD, in partnership with Safeway pharmacies, to deliver COVID and Flu shots to over a thousand Fremont students and family members.  Thank you for helping keep our community as safe as possible!

Irvington Conservatory Theater presents

“A Wrinkle in Time” will be playing again next weekend in the Vahalla Theater.  Please join me in the audience this Thursday, Friday or Saturday 12/9-12/11 (tickets available at


Fall Sports Results 

A HUGE congratulations to Samuel Forbes for being the first Irvington young man in almost 20 years to make it to the Cross Country meet at the state level!  Samuel placed 13th in our division (Div 2) so remember to give him a thumbs up next time you meet.


Winter Sports 

The Wrestling, Basketball, Cheer, and Soccer teams are all in high gear, with league play commencing this month.  I had the opportunity to see a nailbiter Boys Varsity Basketball game this past Thursday against Milpitas.  Please come and join me in supporting our athletes from the stands.

Effective 12/1/2021, in accordance with the 11/24/2021 California Department of Public Health update, FUSD student-athlete indoor Winter Sport participants (Wrestling, Cheerleading, Basketball) who do not wear a mask during heavy exertion/active participation in their sport (practicing, conditioning, competing, or performing) will COVID test weekly through on-campus Color Testing.  If preferred, COVID testing through a personal medical provider is also allowed, provided written proof of weekly testing is submitted.

On-campus weekly COVID Color testing will be available at no cost to student-athletes on Tuesdays, with Irvington Athletes testing in the Athletic Training Room from 11:00am to 12:00pm .  All Basketball, Wrestling and Cheer coaches have given their athletes the needed information regarding how to register for these tests.


Student Parking Permits

Parking permits are required for students to bring vehicles onto campus.  If they do not display their permit they will get a warning, and if a second offence occurs a ticket will be issued.  Please be sure to stop by Room 27 during passing periods if you need to complete a parking permit application.


I hope everyone has a wonderful winter holiday season and a safe New Year!

Nathania Chaney Aiello

IHS Principal


2021 年 12 月 5 日

真是難以置信,我們已經到了第一個學期的最後幾週了!學生和教職員工在恢復面對面學習的過渡中做得非常出色,與此同時還能盡可能地保護Irvington社區免受 COVID 傳染的影響。自 8 月 1 日以來僅僅報告了 7 宗病例,學校人口為 2478 人,IHS 的陽性率為 0.28%,遠低於 Fremont 的整體陽性率。 Vikings 加油!



期末考試將是寒假前的最後三天,學生們一定要帶上零食,因為在兩場考試之間沒有時間離開校園吃東西。這幾天將是遲上課早下課(請參閱下面的具體時間表)。如果你有 0 或 7 節課或在校外有 ROP 課程,請詢問你的老師,看看他們是否以及何時計劃進行期末考試。


第二場期末考試        早上 9:30-11:40 am

休息                              中午 11:40-12:05 pm(不得離開校園)

第二場期末考試       下午 12:05 - 2:15 


星期一,12/20   第三和第六節課考試

星期二,12/21   第一和第四節課考試

星期三,12/22   第二和第五節課考試

在這些期末考試日子裡,我們不會有 Flex 或諮詢課。


請注意,雖然我們希望每個人都能在指定的日子和時間內參加期末考試,但如果您的學生有  COVID 篩查表 上列出的任何症狀,請將他們留在家中並聯繫您的考勤員和老師,讓他們知道您的缺席狀態。遵循阿拉米達縣衛生局列出的 協議 ,以便能夠返校上課。


另請注意 - 如果您計劃在寒假期間旅行,請遵循學區總監 Cammick 先生 在2021 年 12 月 1 日更新公佈中包含的 旅行指南



COVID & 流感疫苗診所

IHS 疫苗診所的第二個週末在上週末結束。 11 月和 12 月的診所都允許 FUSD 與 Safeway 藥房合作,為一千多名 Fremont 學生和其家庭成員提供 COVID 和流感疫苗接種。感謝您幫助使我們的社區盡可能地安全!



“A Wrinkle in Time” ( “時間的皺紋” )將於下週末在 Vahalla 劇院再次上演。請在這個星期四、星期五或星期六 12/9-12/11 來捧場做我的觀眾嘉賓(門票可在  購買)。



熱烈祝賀 Samuel Forbes 成為近 20 年來第一位參加州級越野跑步比賽的 Irvington 年輕人! Samuel 在我們的分隊 (Div 2) 中排名第 13,所以下次當你碰見他時記得對他豎起大拇指。



摔跤、籃球、啦啦隊和足球隊都在高速運轉,本月聯賽將開始。在上週四對陣 Milpitas 的比賽中,我有機會看到了一場精彩絕倫的男校隊的籃球比賽。請來和我一起在看台上支持我們的運動員。


從2021 年 1 月 12 日起生效,根據 11/24/2021 加州公共衛生部更新,FUSD 學生運動員在室內冬季運動的參與者(摔跤、啦啦隊、籃球)在他們的運動(練習、訓練、比賽或表演)中,因劇烈運動/積極參與時不戴口罩,則他們每週要通過校園的 Color (一個檢疫實驗室) 測試 以進行 COVID 測試。如果願意,也允許通過個人醫療服務提供者進行 COVID 測試,前提是他們要提交每週測試的書面證明。


學生運動員每週二可以免費進行校園每週的 COVID 測試, Irvington 運動員的測試時間為上午 11:00 至下午 12:00 在運動訓練室進行。所有籃球、摔跤和啦啦隊教練都向運動員提供有關如何註冊這些測試的必要信息。



駛車來校的學生需要停車許可證。如果沒有出示許可證,他們將收到警告,如果發生第二次違規,則會開出罰單。如果你需要填寫停車許可證申請表格,請記得在轉換課室期間到 27 號室稍停片刻。



Nathania Chaney Aiello




November Calendar

Over the next few weeks, we have some changes in our usual daily schedule due to Veterans' Day and the upcoming parent teacher conferences on 11/18 and 11/19.


This week's schedule is only block periods with the regular block schedule.  Periods 0 and 7 meet at the regular times each day this week. 

Mon, 11/8: Periods 1, Advisory, 3, and 5

Tues., 11/9: Periods 2, Flex, 4, and 6

Wed., 11/10: Periods 1, Flex, 3, and 5

Thurs., 11/11: No School Veterans' Day

Fri., 11/12: Periods 2, Advisory, 4, and 6


For the week of November 15, the schedule follows.  Periods 0 meets at the regular times M-F this week.  Period 7 meets at the regular times M-W and during the times noted below on minimum days.

Mon., 11/15: Regular 6-period day (with Advisory)

Tues., 11/16: Regular Block Schedule: Periods 1, Flex, 3, and 5

Wed., 11/17:  Regular Block Schedule: Periods  2, Flex, 4, and 6

Thurs., 11/18: Minimum Day Block Schedule: Periods 1, 3, and 5 (Parent Teacher Conferences)

Fri., 11/19: Minimum Day Block Schedule: Periods 2, 4, and 6 (Parent Teacher Conferences)


Here is the Minimum Day Block Day schedule for 11/18 (odd blocks) - 11/19 (even blocks).  We will not have Flex or Advisory on these minimum day block days.

Period 0: 7:30 - 8:20

Periods 1/2: 8:30 - 9:42 

Periods 3/4: 9:50 - 11:02

Break / Lunch: 11:02 - 11:17

Periods 5/6: 11:27 - 12:39

Period 7: 12:47 - 1:37


Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences will be conducted virtually this year.  Be sure to check your email and Infinate Campus portal for how to schedule appointments with your student’s teachers.


Here is the schedule for both conference days:

1:30 - 8:00 pm: conferences

Each teacher will have a 30 minute meal break, time may differ depending upon individual teacher’s schedule.


COVID & Flu Vaccine Clinic

In partnership with Safeway Pharmacy, there will be the opportunity to receive COVID (Pfizer) and/or Flu vaccines, including the newly approved pediatric dosage, at Irvington High School! Please note, the COVID vaccine requires a second shot to be completely vaccinated, so be sure to put BOTH weekends on your calendar.

The first weekend is Nov 13 & 14th, 9am-4pm, with the follow up being on Dec 4 & 5th  9am-4pm.  Entrance will be via the Victory Tunnel (from the Main Parking Lot) with the clinic stations inside the courtyard.

Please bring the following to your appointment.

  1. Filled out Consent form available for download via appointment link

Consent form needs to be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian for participants under 18 years old

  1. Medical and Prescription Card

  2. CDC vaccine card for 2nd dose appointment

**Participants under 18 years old, we will need to be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or non-custodial adult in addition to the legal guardian signing the consent form.

Fall Sports Results 

Golf - Adora Liu is representing IHS at Northern Cal Girls Golf championship today. If she qualifies today she will be going to the State championship.  Way to go ADORA!

IHS Football ended the season with a five game winning streak, placing second in the league!  

Girls Tennis and Cross Country are still competing in post-season matches - more information to come soon. 


Winter Sports Clearances

If you plan on trying out for a Winter Sport, and did not play this fall, please go to the IHS Athletics page and begin your Athetic Clearance.  Students may not be on the court/field without completing this online application.


Student Parking Permits

Please make sure you purchase a 2021-22 Parking Permit before Friday, 11/19 so that you can park in the main lot.  The fee is $15 and may be purchased at the Viking Vendor or online.  Please bring completed form/documentation to Room 27 during passing periods to pick up your permit.


Dia de los Muertos

Spanish 3 & 4 classes made catrina and altars and then set them up in the cafeteria and presented to other students in World Language classes.  Thank you to Mr. Ballado for spearheading this as the department chair and to Mr. Willer and the cafeteria staff for your flexibility in sharing the space!




Lock up your valuables

Please be sure to either keep your valuable on your person or in your locked locker.  Bags left unattended on the field, in the locker room, or any where else are more likely to be taken and/or rummaged through.  And don’t forget to actually click the lock closed on your locker.



Please remember if you use the horseshoe to only turn right onto Grimmer or go straight onto Blacow.  Attempting to move to the far left across multiple lanes backs up traffic for everyone. Thank you!



The next PTSA Association meeting will be Dec 2nd 2021.  More details will be provided in the upcoming weeks. 




在接下來的幾週裡,由於退伍軍人節和即將於 11/18 和 11/19 舉行的家長教師會議,我們慣常的每日安排會有一些變化。


本週的時間表是唯一在常規劃分時間表內的劃分課堂。第 0 節課和第 7 節課在本週每天的常規時間上課。

星期一,11/8:第 1節課,諮詢課,第 3 和 第 5節課

星期二,11/9 :第 2節課,彈性課,第 4 和第  6節課

星期三,11 月 10 日:第 1節課,彈性課,第 3 和第 5節課

星期四,11 月 11 日:退伍軍人節,休假

星期五,2012 年 11 月 12 日:第 2 節課,諮詢課,第 4 和第 6 節課


11 月 15 日那一周的日程安排如下。第 0 節課 在本週 M-F 的正常時間上課。第 7節課在 M-W 的常規時間以及在下面註明的短日時間內上課。

星期一,11 月 15 日:常規的上 6 節課(有諮詢課)

星期二,2016 年 11 月 16 日,:常規的劃分時間表:第 1節課,彈性課,第 3 和 第 5 節課

星期三,11 月 17 日::常規的劃分時間表:第 2節課,彈性課,第 4 和第 6 節課

星期四,2018 年 11 月 18 日:短日劃分時間表:第 1,第 3 和第  5節課(家長教師會議)

星期五,2019 年 11 月 19 日:短日劃分時間表:第 2,第 4 和第 6 節課(家長教師會議)



這是 在短日劃分時間表 內的11/18(奇數 劃分日)- 11/19(偶數 劃分日) 。我們不會在這些 短日劃分日內提供 彈性課 或 諮詢課。

第 0 節課 : 7:30 - 8:20

第 1/2  節課:8:30 - 9:42

第 3/4  節課:9:50 - 11:02

休息/午餐:11:02 - 11:17

第 5/6 節課:11:27 - 12:39

第  7 節課:12:47 - 1:37


家長,學生,教師會議在今年將以虛擬方式舉行。請務必查看您的電子郵件和 Infinite Campus 門戶,以了解如何與您學生的老師安排約會。



1:30 - 8:00 pm:會議

每位教師將有 30 分鐘的用餐時間,時間可能因個別教師的日程安排而異。



COVID & 流感疫苗診所

與 Safeway Pharmacy 合作下,大家將有機會在 Irvington 高中接種 COVID(輝瑞 -Pfizer)和/或流感疫苗,包括新批准的兒科劑量!請注意,COVID 疫苗需要注射第二次疫苗後才算完全接種,因此請務必將兩個週末都放在你的日曆上。

第一個週末是 11 月 13 日和 14 日,上午 9 點至下午 4 點,下一個週末是 12 月 4 日和 5 日上午 9 點至下午 4 點。入口是通過 Victory Tunnel(從主停車場)與庭院內的診所站。


  1. 可通過下載 預約鏈接 以填寫同意書

18 歲以下參與者的同意書需要由家長/監護人填寫並簽署

  1. 醫療和處方卡

  2. CDC 疫苗卡用於第二劑預約

**未滿 18 歲的參與者,除法定監護人簽署同意書外,我們還需要父母、監護人或非監護成年人陪同。



高爾夫球 -- 今天 Adora Liu 代表 IHS 參加北加州女子高爾夫球錦標賽。如果她今天獲得資格,她將參加州冠軍賽。祝妳好運 ADORA!

IHS 足球以五連勝結束了本賽季,在聯盟中排名第二!




如果您打算試試能否參加冬季運動,而今年秋天還沒有參與其他運動,請上訪  田徑頁面 並開始辦理你的運動體康証明。未完成此在線申請的學生不得進入運動場。



請確保你在 2019 年 11 月 19日星期五之前購買 2021-22 停車證,以便你可以在主停車場停車。費用為 15 美元,可在 Viking 供應商處或  在線 購買。請在上下課期間攜帶填妥的表格/文件到 27 室領取你的許可證。


Dia de los Muertos  ( 亡靈節  )

西班牙語 3 & 4 班製作了亡靈女娃娃 (catrina) 和祭壇,然後將它們設置在自助餐廳內,並展示給世界語言班的其他學生。感謝 Ballado 老師作為系主任帶頭開展這項工作,並感謝 Willer 老師和自助餐廳的工作人員靈活地共享空間!





請務必將貴重物品隨身攜帶或存放在上鎖的儲物櫃中。 無人看管的袋袋在操場上、更衣室或任何其他地方更有可能被拿走和/或被翻遍。 並且不要忘記著實地鎖好你儲物櫃的鎖。



請記住,你能否僅可使用馬蹄鐵道右轉進入 Grimmer 或直駛進入 Blacow。 嘗試跨多條車道移動到最左側可以為每個人提供交通便利。 謝謝!



下一次 PTSA 協會會議將於 2021 年 12 月 2 日舉行。更多細節將在接下來的幾週內提供。



October 25, 2021

Trial run - Horseshoe open for drop off/pick up

Tuesday-Friday of this week, we will have the horseshoe (in front of the office extending to the library) open for drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.  It will be a single lane, close to the curb.  Have your student(s) on the passenger side for the safest pedestrian route.  Please do not line up in advance in the afternoon, as you will not be allowed to wait for your student, as everyone behind you will be blocked. Upon exiting the horseshoe only a right hand turn onto Grimmer, or straight on Blacow, will be allowed.  Please remember to follow all the safe driving rules to make this trial as successful as possible - THANK YOU!



This past week has been a wonderful display of student pride, creativity and hardwork.  The football team won the game under balmy skies on the 15th, and each class did a marvelous job of decorating the stage and courtyard on their designated day!  Wind, rain and wet cardboard could not dampen Irvington spirit, and luckily the clouds ceased their downpour to allow over a thousand students to dance the night away on the 22nd.  Thank you to ALL the parents and community members for the wonderful treats students enjoyed from the PTSA’s generosity!


Great America ShakeOut

Students and staff did a great job at practicing DROP, COVER and HOLD for a potential earthquake and remained calm and organized while evacuating to the football field.  This event helped us to pinpoint a few areas we will need to review/update with the IHS community - which is exactly what a drill is for.  Please know Irvington is prepared in case of an emergency!


Second Quarter

It’s hard to believe that we are already 25% through this school year, but grades for first quarter were submitted on Friday, October 22nd.  Please view your student’s marks via Infinate Campus Parent Portal.  If you would like to get more information on how to use IC, please refer to the parent FAQ here.


Rainy Weather = Traffic Cautions

Please be sure to slow down when driving in the parking lot and areas surrounding IHS now that wet weather has arrived.  Rain not only increases the breaking distance for cars and bicycles, but reduces visibility for everyone, including students using hoods and umbrellas to stay dry.  Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.


Looking Ahead to November

Please note there will be no school on Thursday, November 11th in observance of Veteran’s Day.  Because it will be a four day week, all days will be block days.

Monday and Wednesday will be 1st, Advisory/Flex, 3rd, and 5th periods

Tuesday and Friday will be 2nd, Advisory/Flex, 4th, and 6th periods.

We will also be having Minimum Days on November 18th and 19th to allow time for Parent teacher conferences.  More information will be coming out closer to that time, but note, all conferences will be held via video (Zoom).


Thanksgiving Break is November 22-26th and the office will be closed during this time.  



嘗試新運行 - 開放馬蹄彎道供接送學生 (Trial run - Horseshoe open for drop off/pick up)

這週的周二至週五,我們將開放馬蹄鐵彎路(從辦公室前面延伸至圖書館),以供上午送孩子和下午接孩子之用。這將是一條靠近路邊的單行車道,。吩咐您的學生行走在乘客一側最為安全的行人路線上。請不要在下午提前排隊,也就是您不允許坐在車內等候學生前來,因為您後面的每個人都被您擋住了。當您離開馬蹄彎道後,只允許右轉進入 Grimmer 或直駛進入 Blacow。

請記住要遵守所有安全駕駛規則,以使本次試驗盡可能馬到成功 - 謝謝!


回校之夜 (Homecoming)

過去一周精彩地展示了學生的自豪感、創造力和努力不懈。 15日,在晴朗的天空下,足球隊贏得了比賽,每個班級都在指定的日子裡出色地裝飾了舞台和庭院!風、雨和濕紙板都阻擋不了Irvington 精神,幸好烏雲阻擋了大雨來臨,讓一千多名學生能在 22 日晚上狂舞盡歡。感謝所有家長和社區成員使學生享受到 PTSA 的慷慨和美好款待!


全美地震演習 (Great America ShakeOut)

學生和教職員工在練習 “落下”,”覆蓋” 和 “保持”, 以應對地震的潛在發生做好準備,並且在疏散到足球場時能保持冷靜和井井有條。這次活動幫助我們確定了一些需要與 IHS 社區一起審查/更新的領域——這正是演習的目的。請知道 Irvington 已準備好應對緊急情況!


第二季度 (Second Quarter)

難以置信我們在本學年已經完成了 25%,而第一季度的成績已在 10 月 22 日星期五提交。請通過  “無限的校園家長平台” ( Infinite Campus Parent Portal)  查看您學生的分數。如果您想獲得有關如何使用 IC 的更多信息,請參閱 此處是家長常見問題解答.


下雨天 = 注意交通 (Rainy Weather = Traffic Cautions)

由於潮濕的天氣已經到來,請在停車場和 IHS 周圍地區行駛時務必減速。下雨不僅增加了汽車和自行車的剎車距離,而且降低了每個人的能見度,包括使用兜帽和雨傘不被淋濕的學生。感謝您的幫助以確保大家的安全。


展望十一月 (Looking Ahead to November)


請注意,為了紀念退伍軍人節,11 月 11 日星期四將不用上課。 因為這一周只有四個上學日,所以每天都是 “分段日” ( block days )。

週一和周三將是第一,諮詢/靈活 ( Advisory/Flex ),第三和第五節課。

週二和周五將是第 二,諮詢/靈活  ( Advisory/Flex ),第四和第六 節課。


我們還將在 11 月 18 日和 19 日定為短日上課天,以備為 “家長教師會議”之用 。 屆時將有更多信息發布,但請注意,所有會議都將通過視頻 (Zoom) 舉行。


感恩節假期是 11 月 22 日至 26 日,辦公室將在此期間休假。






Principal's Update 10/11/2021

I would like to begin by apologizing that my Principal’s Updates do not seem to have gotten sent out in a manner that has reached most parents.  Please know that I now have a permanent tab on the IHS website under CALENDAR & NEWS for such updates, as well as putting them out via Bright Arrow and Infinite Campus.


It has been a fantastic start to the month of October for Irvington seniors.  42 students have been named as National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists! 


Please join me in congratulating:

Neha Abraham, Dhruv Bansal, Kenny Chen, Jonathan Cheng, Tanvi Deshpande, Stephanie Fong, Anshul Govindu, Rohan Gulati, Ethan Hu, Siddhartha Javvaji, Joseph Kan, Zayaan Khan, Michael Lan, Nicole Li, Jieun Lim, Meixuan Liu, Grace  Lu,  Wanning Lu, Sara McKune, Trishla Mehta, Allison Muller, Sumukh Murthy, Rithwik Narendra, Vinay Patil, Vyom Pawar, Jay Phatak, Deeksha Radharaj, Rajveersing Raghuwanshi, Leo Rao, Siona Samanta, Rithwik Seth, Aaryan Shah, Evan M Shih, Ramya Subramanian, Samuel Vu, Madison Wong, Nichelle Wong, Edward Yan, Clement Yo, Rick Zhang, Colin Zhao, Elaine Zhong


Upcoming Events:

October 13 – PSAT/SAT         

Please encourage your student to have a good night’s rest and to bring #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils allowed), an eraser, a calculator and water/snack if desired.

The PSAT is free for all sophomores.  Juniors who registered for the PSAT and seniors that SAT in September have already made payments.  Any outstanding debts will be added to the students account to be paid in the future.


October 15 – end of first quarter, with grades available via Infinite Campus Parent Portal the following week.


October 20 – 6-9 pm Virtual college fair 

Chat live with admission counselors from universities and colleges throughout the US and around the world. Ask questions, download information, and seek out the best opportunities for you!


October 21 – The great shake during Advisory will help students and staff practice earthquake preparedness and evacuation procedures.  


Homecoming week

Saturday, October 16th at TAK

Come and cheer on the Vikings Football team as they take on the San Lorenzo Grizzlies and enjoy the homecoming court presentation.


Monday-Thursday, October 18-22nd

Each class has thematic dress up days, with Friday being schoolwide Blue Crew Irvington Pride Day!


Tuesday October 19th, 5-7 pm 

Food preorders can be picked up via drive through at the horseshoe.  


Friday October 22nd, 7-10 pm 

Magical Masquerade, our homecoming dance will be held in the courtyard.  Tickets on sale at Viking Vendor through Wednesday Oct 20th.  Please note, this is an Irvington only student event and masks will be required.


I am looking forward to seeing all of our students in fine form as we celebrate what it means to be part of the Irvington community; personally and social responsible critical thinkers with good communication skills that know how to have FUN!


With much appreciation,

Nathania Chaney Aiello


2021 年 10 月 11 日


首先我要向您道歉,因為我的 “校長更新” ( Principal’s Updates) 似乎沒有以廣傳大眾的方式發出。請注意,我正努力在 IHS 網站上獲取此類更新的永久標籤,並通過 Bright Arrow 和 Infinite Campus 將它們發布。


對於Irvington的12年級學生來說,十月份是一個美妙的開始。 42名學生己入圍國家優秀獎學金半決賽!



Neha Abraham, Dhruv Bansal, Kenny Chen, Jonathan Cheng, Tanvi Deshpande, Stephanie Fong, Anshul Govindu, Rohan Gulati, Ethan Hu, Siddhartha Javvaji, Joseph Kan, Zayaan Khan, Michael Lan, Nicole Li, Jieun Lim, Meixuan Liu, Grace  Lu,  Wanning Lu, Sara McKune, Trishla Mehta, Allison Muller, Sumukh Murthy, Rithwik Narendra, Vinay Patil, Vyom Pawar, Jay Phatak, Deeksha Radharaj, Rajveersing Raghuwanshi, Leo Rao, Siona Samanta, Rithwik Seth, Aaryan Shah, Evan M Shih, Ramya Subramanian, Samuel Vu, Madison Wong, Nichelle Wong, Edward Yan, Clement Yo, Rick Zhang, Colin Zhao, Elaine Zhong



10 月 13 日 - PSAT/SAT考試

請鼓勵您的學生好好睡覺,並帶上 #2 鉛筆(不允許使用自動鉛筆)、橡皮擦、計算器和水/零食(如果需要)。

PSAT 對所有11年級學生免費。 在9 月份報名參加 PSAT 的11年級學生和參加 SAT 的12年級學生已經付費。任何還未付清的款項將添加到學生帳戶中,以便將來支付。


10 月 15 日 - 第一季度結束,下周可通過 Infinite Campus Parent Portal 獲得成績報告。


10 月 20 日 - 下午 6-9 點虛擬大學展覽會



10 月 21 日——諮詢時段的 “大地震” 將幫助學生和教職員工練習地震準備和疏散程序。



星期六,10 月 16 日在 TAK舉行

快來為 Vikings  足球隊與 San Lorenzo 灰熊隊的比賽歡呼吧,並享受 在我校園舉行的選拔演出過程。


週一至週四,10 月 18 日至 22 日

每個班級都有主題裝扮日,週五是全校穿著Irvington藍色裝束 驕傲的日子!


10 月 19 日,星期二,下午 5-7 點



10 月 22 日星期五,晚上 7-10 點

神奇的化裝舞會,我們的返校舞會在院子裡舉行。門票在 Viking Vendor 發售至 10 月 20 日星期三。請注意,這是僅限 Irvington 的學生活動,需要戴口罩。


當我們慶祝成為 Irvington 社區的一員意味著什麼意義時,我期待看到我們所有的學生都保持良好狀態;是個對自己和社會負責的批判性思考者,具備良好溝通技巧,又懂得如何玩得開心!



Nathania Chaney Aiello



Principal's Update 9/20/2021

Hello families,


I'm writing in partnership with you about an issue that has begun to impact us here at Irvington High School.


Tik Tok Video School Theft-USA Today


One of the latest Tik Tok challenges has students across the country stealing soap dispensers and other school items and then posting and bragging about their exploits.  Kids try to one-up each other both in the difficulty and value of what they take and in the number of views they get on their posts.


Multiple sites have seen this occurring this past week here in Fremont.  I'm asking that you discuss this with your children.  Any theft or vandalism to school property will have consequences.  Depending on the level of theft law enforcement will be involved as well.  In particular, any items or supplies related to the health and safety of students and staff will not be tolerated as it relates to PPE and Covid-19.


Even students that don't actively take anything contribute to this annoying (and potentially dangerous and illegal) trend continuing if they encourage such behavior by liking or commenting.


If your child has been involved in any of the thefts so far I am happy to have a conversation with them on how they can repair the choices that they made.  It will result in a different outcome if they come forward now of their own accord.  Those that are caught stealing or vandalizing will face the consequences of such actions.


The vast majority of "our" kids have comported themselves in ways that reflect genuine respect for the health and safety of each other.  I don't mean to generalize and have you think that all students are participating in this "trend."


Thank you for reading.  Please let me know if you have any information you can share with me on this matter.


Ms. Chaney Aiello


In other news


“Navigating Irvington” 

This week we will be hosting “Navigating Irvington” at 6 PM on Tuesday-Thursday.  Each evening is targeted to a specific age group; Tuesday is for sophomores and juniors, Wednesday is for seniors, and Thursday is for freshman.   Counselors and administrators will be there to go over frequently asked high school questions. Zoom links will be posted shortly on the IHS website.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Tomorrow we will be hosting our mid autumn wellness faire, a joint effort between clubs as well as our partner, Bay Area Community Health. One of the four goals for Irvington is student and staff wellness, including both physical and mental health.  I hope a variety of classes are able to join us in the courtyard outside the office to explore new ideas.


Dress Code

I would like to ask families to remind their students to come to school dressed within FUSD dress code, as is shown in the following diagram. Your assistance is appreciated.




Principal’s Update 9/6/2021


It has been wonderful to see students and staff back on campus learning and enjoying each other’s company over the last two weeks. As the world, and our community are still battling COVID, please be sure to do the following.



Please be sure to go over this questionnaire with your student EVERY morning before they come to school.  If they are experiencing any of the symptoms or answer yes to any question, please do NOT send them to school.  Instead, contact your health professional to see what is the cause of the symptoms and follow the directions on this flowchart


PPE (personal protective equipment)

All have done a great job of adjusting to in person learning while wearing masks and following hand sanitizing protocols.  Please see the article from the CDC regarding preferred mask types and how to wear them. Please note masks with respirators are not preferred. 


If you find the cost of obtaining cloth masks for your students a difficulty, please let the front office know, as some families have generously donated packages of washable cloth masks for student use.  We will always be happy to provide a mask for a student that has lost/soiled the one they brought at the beginning of the school day.





Free testing for staff and students (sorry, no family members at this time) will be available at IHS every Wednesday from 7am-3pm, outside Room 43.  Parents, you do not need to be present while your high schooler takes their own sample, but you do need to fill out a one-time registration/permission for your student.



More single cars than ever are being driven to take students to/from school.  This is evident in both the drop in AC Transit ridership (only 1/3-1/2 of the number of students that took the bus pre-COVID) and the time people spend waiting to get through the line in the main lot.  If your student is self-mobile, please consider dropping them off at alternate locations, such as Carol Ave., where they can walk across the fields, Walgreens parking lot, or the Community Center.  

Please note that drop off/pick up in the horseshoe is reserved for students that have mobility challenges.  



Thursday, September 9th will be BTSN.  This will be held via Zoom, with each teacher sending out links for each period via Google classroom and Infinite Campus Messages.  The evening will start at 6 pm, with an introduction to administrators, counselors and other staff.  At 6:30, families will follow their student’s schedule for 10 minute classes.  More information will be posted soon.  


Thank you for continuing to support your child and the entire Irvington High School Community.

Nathania Chaney Aiello