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Important Notice for Irvington High School Band, Orchestra, Marching Band & Color Guard students. All grades included.
Posted 5/18/23

To Do #1: Mark your calendar for the Mandatory Guard Camp, Marching Band Camp and NCBA Fall Clinic in July & August. 


- Color Guard Camp:  July-24th to July-29th


- Band Camp (for both Marching Band & Color Guard): July 31th to August 4th


- NCBA Fall Clinic (for both Marching Band & Color Guard): August 26th. 



To Do #2: Mandatory Eventbrite Signup. 


Each student who enrolls in Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, or Color Guard please sign up in the link below no later than July 16th.This is the best way for us to collect info for communications & coordinations, as well as collect annual donations to cover the essential expenses.  Since we do not get the official roster from IHS until school starts while our band camp is before that, please sign up today and help spread the word to make sure everyone is signed up on Eventbrite.


To Do #3: Bookmark the IHS Band Website for more info regarding schedules and logistics:



If you have any questions or concern, please contact Mr. Rodda:


or band volunteer coordinator :


Thank you very much and we look forward to meeting you all!